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Timbaland started taking pain medication in his thirties, to help with nerve issues resulting from a gunshot wound he suffered as a teenager Timbaland was one of the hottest producers during the previous decade. He was known in the 90's while working with Missy Elliott and Aliyah but his name became huge during the 00's. He helped Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado explode into stardom. His beats ruled the charts and he also gave Madonna one of her last biggest hits, 4 Minutes. His Shock Value albums had many polular features too like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus Whatever happened to Timbaland? Seemed to peak circa 2009, brought out a plethora of tunes, haven't heard much since, think his last album went down like a shit sandwich. 5 comments. share. save. hide. report. 44% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best . level 1. 4 points · 6 years ago. Seemed to peak circa 2009. lol, you don't.

Timbaland, byname of Timothy Z. Mosley, (born March 10, 1971, Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.), influential American producer and hip-hop and rhythm-and-blues performer who contributed to the chart-scaling success of a host of recording artists in the early 21st century. Mosley grew up in Virginia with rappers Missy (Misdemeanor) Elliot and Magoo. At age 19, he began to learn how to use studio equipment under the direction of producer and musician DeVante Swing, whose. Timbaland (* 10. März 1972 in Norfolk, Virginia; bürgerlich Timothy Zachary Mosley) ist ein US-amerikanischer Hip-Hop- und Contemporary-R&B-Musiker und Produzent, dessen Produktions- und Arrangement-Stil seit Ende der 1990er Jahre in diesen Genres sehr einflussreich ist. Karriere. Mosley wuchs in Norfolk, Virginia, auf. Dort trat er solo als DJ Tiny Tim und später mit seinen. Timbaland reveals to Daily Mail that he had been caught up in a very heavy addiction to narcotics and things quickly went downhill from there.. After a root canal in 2011, he developed a dependency on the medications that were prescribed to him. Under the influence and finding himself heavily addicted, Timbaland quickly began losing his grasp on the important things in life

Britney Spears' boyfriend has spoken up and out in support of the singer, after hitmaker Timbaland took a jab. Full story below... Taking to Twitter, the super producer re-shared Spears' freestyle. Timbaland's rap partner Magoo was called the wackest rapper ever on Twitter, prompting fans to come to his defense. People weren't about to let Mag-a-noo be called trash out here. 1.6M 692K 533K 720

Timbaland Kicked Oxycontin, Self-Doubt to Stage Comeback

Ever since working together on Nelly's 'Loose' album in 2006, Timbaland and Furtado have remained in close contact with one another. Given how well they collaborated in the studio, it isn't all that shocking to know that Timbaland and Nelly are still pals to this day. In fact, in 2017 the famous producer surprised contestants on Lifetime's 'The Pop Game' with a mentoring session from Nelly And it wasn't long before music fans (including us) started to wonder if the issue with her career was Timbaland. The answer is yes—sort of. In her three years under Timbaland's music label, Mosley.. The mysterious rapper is most known for his collaborations with his friends Timbaland and Missy Elliott, but his story is much deeper than just the songs he's created. In this interview, we talk to Magoo about his early days in Virginia with Timbaland and Pharrell. We also talk about his time with Devante Swing's Bassment clique and what really happened in that situation. He also talks about some of the personal battles he had when he was having huge success with the. What Happened To That Boy Girls Dem Sugar Drop It Like It's Hot Got Your Money etc etc IDK about that breh. I do think that Timbaland can carry entire albums in a way the Neptunes can't/haven't but for singles, they got bangers and pop hits Timbaland was again recruited as her production partner, a role he would hold on most of Elliott's solo releases. Missy continued to work with other artists and appeared on LSG's song All the Time with Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat, Johnny Gill, Faith Evans, and Coko in 1997 on Levert Sweat Gill classic album. The same year, she rapped in Keys To My House with old friends group LeVert. In the.

Timbaland and Swizz Beatz curate a DJ-like Instagram Live event, choosing two icons — usually from the fertile R&B/hip-hop scene of 1990s-early 2000s that they came both up in — to face off in. Timbaland also showed his political side that year when he hosted a fund-raising event in Miami for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. When talking about hip-hop with Rolling Stone 's Hiatt, Timbaland voiced his criticism of the current scene, Everybody's just doing the same old same old, and nobody wants to try nothin' new. It's evident from his unique sound and his willingness to work with a. Missy, Timbaland, and The Neptunes before they were actually The Neptunes were all working out of this studio. There was an engineer working there named Rob Ulsh and another guy named Drew. They said to me, Lenny, if you and Gerald can leave me a CD, I can get Missy to listen to it. Well, we left him a CD, and we received a call from Missy a week later. Missy said she wanted us to come. Timbaland And Magoo owned the 90's with hit after hit, lending production and writing credits to the likes of Missy Elliot, Ginuwine, Aaliyah, SWV and many o.. Timbaland continued to work off the energy of Timberlake, especially with the single, SexyBack. I knew it was a feeling. Everybody was like, 'That ain't it,' he said. I said, 'Yes.

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Here's what we're told happened Timbaland was on the phone earlier in the day with his brother-in-law deeply upset about something. We're told one of the things that was eating at. Timbaland voiced his disapproval for Enough Said and Don't Think They Know in July 2013. He exclaimed, Aaliyah music only work with its soulmate, which is me. Soon after, Timbaland apologized to Chris Brown over his remarks, which he explained were made due to Aaliyah and her death being a very sensitive subject Nelly Furtado daughter, now, husband, family, child, ethnicity, birthday, kids, say it right, songs, 2016, timbaland, maneater, all good things, age, try, loose, the. Timbaland is a rapper, music producer, and songwriter from America. Timbaland contributed to the album Ginuwinethe Bachelor which was the album of the R&B singer Ginuwine. He worked with Aaliyah on her second studio album, One in a Million. Timbaland rose to fame after collaborating with artists like Missy. Early Life. Timothy Zachary Mosely (aka Timbaland) was born on March 10. Be the fly on the wall. Peek behind the scenes at the workflow of The Grammy award winning Super Producer Timbaland- In real time

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  1. Timbaland shared a similar sentiment in May of last year when speaking with TMZ. A lot of people contacted me and Swizz about a lot of things, but right now, we just want to keep it for the.
  2. What happened to Timbaland AND Magoo? Answer Save. 4 Answers. Relevance. Wil. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. You mean what happened to magoo!? :) 1 0. JarrettL. 1 decade ago. Basically every popular song is somehow linked to Timbaland. Source(s): lol. 0 1..... Lv 5. 1 decade ago. timberland still making music but i don't know what happen with magoo. 0 0. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. Tim still.
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  4. What happened next? Well, between 2013 and 2015, Nelly was fairly dormant. Yet, in 2014 rumours were floating that she was in the studio with UK producer Duke Dumont. Then, at the tail end of last.
  5. Ever wonder what happened to J-Kwon? The Timbaland-produced track helped set the stage for Petey's debut album Diary of a Sinner: 1st Entry, which would eventually go gold. His second album.

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