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  2. Students are NPCs that attend Akademi High School, the main setting of the game Yandere Simulator. Including Ayano Aishi , there are 89 students who attend class at Akademi. Eight of these students are rivals, and seven of them will not appear during Week 1 for various reasons
  3. Student ID: 11 (Osana Najimi) (Just like Aoi, Osana patrols all the floors, including the rooftop.) Student ID: 28 (Riku Soma) (Riku will Patrol the First Floor, while Stalking at the Peek [Male] spot sometimes. Used after school by Riku!) Student ID: 31-35 (Shin Higaku-Kokuma Jutsu
  4. g 11 Teacher 100 Gym Teacher 101 Nurse 102????? Any invalid id Persona. Loner 1 Teacher's Pet 2 Heroic 3 Coward 4 Evil 5 Social Butterfly

Student ID: 87(Shiromi Torayoshi ) (Shiromi patrols the outside area, like Senpai) Student ID:88 (Akane Toriyasu) (Akane patrols the different club rooms) Student ID: 89 (Aoi Ryugoku) (Aoi patrols all the floors, including roof.) Student 81-85 (Musume and Followers Ayano can skip classes as well if the player chooses to. In the final game, there will be 15 students per classroom. A Classroom 3-3 was mentioned in the original intro of the game where Info-chan and Ayano first met each other, but the room is not in the current builds of Yandere Simulator Depending on how many students there are in the final game, there might be only a few clubs that all have to do with buffs or rivals. Ten clubs are planned as of November 2015. If the school has one hundred students, there may be fifteen clubs, five (six for the clubs with rivals) people per club, and twenty-five clubless students Checks if a Student Reputation is above a certain number! if:StudReputationIsUnder:Student_ID (Student Name):Int Checks if a Student Reputation is under a certain number! if:Weekday:DayOfTheWeek Checks for a certain weekday! can be the Weekday name or number ( Example: Monday // Monday // 1 ) if:Key:KeyNam Setting a student into the Bullies Club will make the student buggy for the female student unless if it's the IDs 81-85, If you set a Male Student into the Bullies Club, they will not be bugged, but will just walk in place with the non ID-Based animations

Kuroko Kamenaga was the school's previous student council president. She was defeated by Megami in the most recent student council election. However, Megami acknowledged that Kuroko was the second-best person for the job, and offered her the role of vice president. Kuroko accepted the offer 1 Information 2 HOODIE: 3 PHONE: 3.1 Original: 3.2 Edited: 4 CARDIGAN: 5 ACCESSORIES: 5.1 Yandere-Chan's Accessories 5.2 Rival's Accessories 5.3 Delinquents' Accessories 5.4 Female Accessories 5.5 Male Accessories 5.6 Other Glasses 5.7 Gardening Club's Accessories 5.8 Cooking Club's Accessories.. Yandere Simulator is a stealth game about stalking a boy and secretly eliminating any girl who has a crush on him, while maintaining the image of an innocent schoolgirl. This game is currently in development. A demo build is available here: Download Demo. Please keep in mind that the demo contains bugs, but is frequently receiving bug-fixing updates

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  1. JSON Editor Online helps to Edit, View, Analyse JSON data along with formatting JSON data. It's very simple and easy way to Edit JSON Data and Share with others
  2. Added:My blue uniform for all girls(thanks to numbers for rigging them)New Portraits for all rivals (with the new uniform)New Uniform Color For Rivals New Mu... Added:My blue uniform for all girls.
  3. d: Some features are currently missing or unfinished. The demo uses placeholder graphics and animations. The final game will have much better graphics and animations
  4. Osana : S-stop it! I'm not ready! C-c-cut it out! B-baka!This speedpaint is to represent the horrifying consequence that Osana has to face when you add her e..

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Ayano Aishi, mainly known by her alias, Yandere-chan, is a student at Akademi High School, as well as the protagonist and antagonist of Yandere Simulator. Description Ayano Aishi is the protagonist of Yandere Simulator. She is known as Yandere-chan to players of the game, and has been given the cute nickname Yan-chan by her classmates. Since early childhood, Ayano has suffered from an.

Custom Uniforms are editable textures of Yandere-chan's various uniforms. Note: This page isn't for posting your own custom uniforms. This is for the given templates and examples. 1 loolOsana faceAdd a photo to this galleryStandard Uniform 2 Long Uniform 3 Sweater 4 Blazer 5 Gym Outfit 6 Swimsuit and Custom Nude Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this. Token Religious Teammate: She's Yandere Simulator's second confirmed religious student, as she's a follower of Shinto and works as a shrine maiden at a local shrine. Shima Shita A copper-haired student was introduced in the same build as Mina

Yandere Simulator ist ein Stealth-Spiel mit einem Hauch von Rollenspiel, in dem du eine eifersüchtige, junge Studentin spielst (die Yandere, in dem Moment), welche ALLES tun würde, um näher an ihren geliebten Senpai zu kommen. Offensichtlich inkludiert ALLES auch das Ermorden anderer Schüler der Schule, falls notwendig To learn more about the game, visit https://yanderesimulator.comFor development updates, visit https://yanderedev.wordpress.comFor cool merch, visit https://.. I made a post on my community tab yesterday, asking for some OC creation requests (don't ask for one in the comments, please.) and quite a few people have su..

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