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In my own personal experience with fanfiction and fandom, I have found that while Supernatural, Sherlock, and Blue Bloods produce good fanfiction, two fandoms that have the highest quality fanfiction that I've ever read are Hawaii Five-0 and Harry Potter. With Hawaii Five-0, there aren't many legendary fanfictions, but there are lots of shorter ones that are really good quality. In Harry Potter, most fanfiction is good quality, but there are also a few legendary fanfictions, too, such as. The biggest AO3 fandom is the Marvel universe, some more proof to help thwart the widespread delusion that women aren't into the superhero genre. The world of fanfic is still predominantly female,.. For ships that showed up in multiple fandoms, I just selected the first fandom on the list. (Otherwise, the Top 20 relationships would actually just be 9 relationships showing up in multiple fandoms) Removing duplicates didn't have substantial impact on the ordering — e.g., if you just count the works in the Sherlock (TV) fandom, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson is still the most popular ship (18406 works) After the End is the best Harry Potter fanfic. It's a story about the trio and Ginny and their lives after Hogwarts. It's my headcanon for how the series actually ends. And bonus, it's about 800.

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  1. A SpongeBob SquarePants fan fiction written by ikillfaguts, a user who is banned from FanFiction.Net. It was notorious for being racist and homophobic, as well as having content being too explicit for its proper rating. The most notorious criticism was that the story itself lasted only three sentences long. 2010s The Death of Nick (2010
  2. On Wikia, the Colors Wiki is currently listed as having the most pages at over 2.2 million pages. You can view the current list of big wikis at Hub:Big wikis . (edited by Vandraedha
  3. There is truly a fandom for everything. Just search your favorite TV show online and you are sure to discover a wealth of fan-generated material of all sorts. Often, this contagious intensity is directed towards the (fictional or otherwise) characters that exist in each universe. The direct and indirect connections between these characters is where shipping blossoms. To ship is to desire a relationship (romantic or platonic) between characters. Sometimes these ships are true to the.
  4. *2016 Winner MFA Awards Favorite Bones fanfic* Booth & Brennan, two sons & a daughter, friends & family and a life lived happily-ever-after. Told in random non-linear snippets. Expect warm and funny, poignant and touching, and a lot of fluff and stuff. Rated T for occasional creative cursing. AU - This story does not follow canon after S-7. Wiki: rootsandwingswiki (.) co
  5. ated across.
  6. For instance, if one wants to compare whether the fanfic produced by the Sherlock fandom tends to have a significantly higher word count than that produced by the Supernatural fandom, one can take a sample of fanfics from each fandom, look at the word count for each, and compare the set of Sherlock fanfic word counts to Supernatural fanfic word counts to find out whether there is any significant difference between the two sets of numbers

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Fandom. Gavia Baker-Whitelaw. There's a reason why fanfic site Archive of Our Own was on Time 's 50 Best Websites of 2013. AO3 is popular, it's easy to use, and it was created by people who. The only thing it probably has in common with Harry Potter (and I've read some of it) is that they both have magic. Otherwise, it's a largely original work. Otherwise, it's a largely original work. I'm also not even sure why the author published it was Harry Potter fanfiction, when they could easily barely make any changes to the story (removing any Harry Potter references), and publish it as multiple novels tribrid.fandom.com; 78 clues; Abigail and the Rats of NIMH; A Boy & His War Grok; A Christmas Carol; A Goofy Wedding: The Ultimate Disney Fanfic; Ai-kun Builds Gunpla; A Million Penguins; A Sharptooth's Heart; A Sharptooth's Heart II; A Sharptooth's Heart III; Ash Vs Red; A Time Before Twilight; Attack on Titan Interactive Novel; An Emergency Like No Other; Academy Blue The age limit for site registration is now 13. As of 2018, the site has over 10 million users and stories posted in over 40 languages. Its largest fandom is Harry Potter, with more than 800,000 stories posted in that category alone. Naruto is the second most popular fandom, with more than 425,000 stories FanFiction.Net (often abbreviated as FF.net or FFN) is an automated fan fiction archive site. It was founded on October 15, 1998 by Los Angeles computer programmer Xing Li, who also runs the site. It has over 12 million registered users and hosts stories in over 40 languages. The site is split into nine main categories: Anime/Manga, Books, Cartoons, Miscellaneous, Games, Comics, Movies, Plays.

The first thing to remember is Sturgeon's Law: 90% of everything is crap. Nowhere is this truer than fan fiction. The overwhelming majority is badly-written (I actually rewrote one fanfic multiple times as it was necessary to the series, but embar.. Yesterday, a tweet went viral with supposed screenshots of the guidelines for a new fanfiction site calling itself The Protectorate Archive. This was a place for good fic for good people. The works of Jane Austen remain one of the most popular works to make unauthorised depictions of, with one notable Jane Austen fan fiction being Old Friends and New Fancies. Many unauthorised stories of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle have been created, including The Adventure of the Two Collaborators by J. M. Barrie World's largest fanfiction archive and forum where fanfic writers and readers around the globe gather to share their passion Most Popular Fanfiction Fandoms Ranked by number of times tagged in a Wattpad story. Time Spent Reading Unusual Fandoms on Wattpad . Growing Fandoms Number of story uploads, 2014 vs. 2013 ships.

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It is fanfiction, and here are some of the most famous examples. 1. The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare. Clary is Ginny Weasley, and Jace is Draco Malfoy. The series is based on Clare's Harry Potter fanfiction, published in installments between 2000 and 2006. While the characters are not immediately similar to JK Rowling's creations, fandom lore assures me Clare's. For most consumers of pop culture, fandom is a lower-case concern. They are fans in the sense that they may like a particular movie, TV show, band, or personality but don't think much. FanFiction.net. Affectionately known as FF.net, this is the old dame of the bunch. Founded as early as 1998, the primordial soup era of the internet as we know it, the site has been around for aeons in internet time. The design has barely changed since I was in high school, and we won't talk about how long that's been. Pros

Fanfiction helps build communities, and not only that, it helps develop young writers, and that's the most important thing of all. There are a lot of reasons why fanfiction is appealing to young. Today, fanfiction is most present on websites like Tumblr, FanFiction.net, and Archive of Our Own, and writers are moving away from more restrictive platforms in favour of less regulated sites. Once-popular sites that curtailed fanfiction writers' freedoms, like LiveJournal, were abandoned, and while FanFiction.net remains the largest fanfiction archive, its dominance of newer fandoms has.

Which fandom makes the most disturbing fanfictions. Started by Nsfw , Nov 13 2017 02:52 PM. This topic has been archived. This means that you cannot reply to this topic. 18 replies to this topic #1 Nsfw Nsfw. These Diamonds Last Forever. Member 1,896 posts Posted 13 November 2017 - 02:52 PM. I'm gonna have to go with Exo... the shit I've seen . Back to top #2 Jeon Jungkook Jeon Jungkook. JIMIN. Twilight, Naruto, and Harry Potter categories are currently the most popular. Lunaescence Archives: A moderated creative writing community that accepts fan fiction based on various media such as anime, books, games, etc. There is also a section for original works AO3 is most heavily M/M-focused, as discussed, and has only recently gained momentum in gaming and anime/manga fandoms. FFN has more of a balance of [hetero] ships and slash, and also more cartoon. Nobody except slash fans remembers The Sentinel, which had a late-90s-to-early-2000s fanfiction fandom that was totally out of proportion to either its critical acclaim or its popularity. I was going to say this too. And that fandom is still active! I'd never even heard of the show despite being a big giant TV nerd during that period, but it apparently has a ton of fics and crossover fics to this day. It's the sort of intimate-working-relationship-with-superpowers dynamic that lends itself. 10. Barbz (Nicki Minaj Fandom) The Barbz are a fiercely loyal sort. Case in point: In April, upon the release of Invasion of Privacy, a writer for British GQ explained how Cardi B had adopted.

What's inarguable is that curative fandom tends to treat transformative fandom with a kind of bafflement verging on downright hostility — the same reaction, more or less, that most non-fandom. Fandoms love crossovers, one of the most popular and dominant being SuperWhoLock, a mashup of the CW's Supernatural and BBCs two popular shows Doctor Who and Sherlock. This group is so popular and so powerful in its sphere of influence that it has driven others to delete their blogs and claims to rule Tumblr. Fandom provides a sense of belonging through their obsessive love for whatever they focus themselves on During the wait for episode eight, Computron discovers a concept called fanfiction. While fanfiction is meant to consist of fan-written stories about characters or settings from an original work of fiction, Computron observes that much of the HyperWarp fanfiction bears no resemblance to the actual characters or setting. For instance, the series that claims to be a spin-off focusing on Powerful!Cyro seems to involve Cyro installing many large-calibre guns onto his.

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She has to be the most selfish, self righteous, ignorant, boastful character in all of Riordan's books. I get that her fatal flaw is hubris, but seriously, she was willing to let her friends DIE at the hands of a sphinx JUST so she didn't have to answer a question that was below her intelligence. In fact, Tyson had to save her, the cyclops that was brutally attacked by a sphinx in the past. Even Cate Blanchett, who has starred in The Lord of the Rings series, Thor: Ragnarok, and Cinderella, says that Carol is the performance people talk about the most. I've been stopped in the supermarket by more people about Carol than I have with any other film, Blanchett said earlier this year. If a film doesn't necessarily linger at the box office, that doesn't mean it won't have a reach. There are so many platforms for people to encounter films now that our sense of a film.

As of December 1, 2020, the top 20 fandoms (i.e., the fandoms with the most stories submitted) on FanFiction.Net are (the figures are rounded to nearest thousand): Rank Fandom The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s. The most amazing part of MLP is that it never insults the viewer, never shows females OR males as being stereotypical. It has 6 strong female leads that are genuinely interesting, and never give off the 'boys can do it, so I can do it too' trope that female leads are often saddled with.

One of the most prolific microfandoms might be the one surrounding the Supernatural fanfiction Twist and Shout by writers Gabriel and StandByMe, who go by Discover and Trunkcoats, respectively, on LiveJournal. The nearly 100,000-word epic has over 1 million views on the fanfiction hosting site Archive of Our Own A fan-created, fan-run, nonprofit, noncommercial archive for transformative fanworks, like fanfiction, fanart, fan videos, and podfic. more than 42,650 fandoms | 3,531,000 users | 7,404,000 works. The Archive of Our Own is a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. With an AO3 account, you can: Share your own fanworks; Get notified when your favorite works, series, or users update. On Ao3 Chilumi has over 600 Fanfiction's, making it one of the most written ship's for the Genshin Impact tag on Ao3. Fandom. FAN FICTION. Tartaglia/Lumine tag on AO3 Childe x Lumine stories on Wattpad Trivia. Childe is around the age of a young adult, approximately 18-21 years old. Childe's constellation is the Monoceros Caeli. Lumine has no confirmed age. Lumine's constellation is the Viatrix

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  1. In Fangirl, the Simon Snow fandom is at a point — just before the release of the final book — where Harry Potter was when it felt like its fandom really blew up. Everyone was getting together.
  2. Newtdapple has an intense fear of cold weather. Unfortunately, he lives in DewClan, a clan that is cold most of the time. His kin is worried for him, and Dewstar thinks he's faking. To prove that he is faking, Dewstar sends Newtdapple alone to hunt. During the hunt, Newtdapple gives up and lets his phobia take his life
  3. The Washington Post said of fanfiction's popularization in publishing, What used to be a disregarded copyright nightmare is a new, youth-friendly approach for publishers.The most famous would be authors E.L. James and After author Anna Todd, who re-conceptualized their fics as original pieces for six figure deals on straight-to-paperback books. James' Twilight series became three books and Todd's One Direction RPF series will end up being four
  4. Much has been written about the influence of fandom on mainstream popular culture; perhaps unsurprisingly, each year my students come into my fandom classes with more knowledge and experience of fandom than the year before. They've encountered fandom online; they've attended Comic-Con or C2E2; they've cosplayed; they've read (and sometimes created) fanfic and seen vids and reblogged.
  5. Still, considering the scale of and attention paid to the numerous fanfiction-esque projects released this decade, fandom emerged as Hollywood's most desired demographic. Theirs are the eyes big.
  6. Elizabeth Minkel is one half of Fansplaining. She's written about fan culture for the New Statesman, The Guardian, The New Yorker, The Millions, The Verge, and more. She co-curates The Rec Center , a weekly fandom newsletter, with fellow journalist Gavia Baker-Whitelaw. Flourish Klink is one half of Fansplaining

It has overshadowed many other Shuichi ships. In some parts of the fandom, it has even surpassed the popularity of Shuichi's heavily teased ship with Kaede Akamatsu. On A03, Oumasai has the most written fanfictions about the ship. Fandom. FAN FICTION. Kokichi/Shuichi tag on AO3 Kokichi/Shuichi tag on FanFiction.net. DEVIANT ART. Oumasai tag on. On Fandom Flames, we have spoken about ships and shipping before. Shipping, the act of putting two characters together romantically and/or sexually, whether they're ever going to be canon or not, has been around for a while. The most familiar origin story is the tale of Kirk/Spock in the 60s/70s and beyond, with all the zines and fanfiction and fanart and eve Fanfiction Bunny Rated K. Next Rainfall by PerditaAlottachocolate; Lucky Fox Paradox by imthepunchlord; Rated K+. Where Did You Go? by LightningStrike83; Starry Night by TheOneMagic; Mark My Words by callmetiny; A Fair Trade by sariahsue; Push and Pull by FrivolousFlare; ExpensiveClothing by Regal1rovis; Rated T. heartstrings by Taylorto When you get a bunch of fans who have come up in English-language serial media fandoms suddenly glomming on to a K-pop fandom like BTS or a Chinese show like The Untamed, you suddenly have a.

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The way I'm doing this is: In this website only, I tag all the fanfictions written in english, with the only restriction being the rating (T or lower) and, obviously, it has to have the name of the character tagged, I'll check the summary and the first chapters. The first stereotypes are focused on the main characters, besides Lincoln, because literally half of the fandom has his name tagged. Thor is the most obviously Game of Thrones-adjacent of the Avengers, so it makes sense that his most popular love interest in fanfiction would be his adoptive brother, the half Frost Giant. 1 Introduction 2 History 3 Enemies 4 Allies 5 Curiosities Trazyn the Infinite is among the most powerful Necron Overlords in the galaxy and a notable thief collector of memes. Throughout eons, his collection has only grown bigger. Snuck into the imperial palace to terra and took a selfie with the emperors body Totally honest, Trazyn killed Horus Saved CREEEEEEEEDat Cadia and gave him free.

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I loved the fandom, the creativity that it inspired in people and the space it gave me to express that creativity freely, but I still read all fanfiction in a private tab, never saved any bookmarks and was careful to log out of my Tumblr account after I was done scrolling through my dashboard. Things are sort of different now. Fandom no longer. Fan fiction or fanfiction (also abbreviated to fan fic, fanfic, fic or ff) is fictional writing written by fans, commonly of an existing work of fiction.The author uses copyrighted characters, settings, or other intellectual properties from the original creator(s) as a basis for their writing. Fan fiction ranges from a couple of sentences to an entire novel, and fans can both keep the creator.

Some Harry Potter fanfiction writers are looking to reclaim the universe using trans narratives in response to JK Rowling 'Harry Potter as a fandom has become bigger than JKR Dream SMP is a collective of YouTube and Twitch creators who craft enormous stories on one Minecraft server. The only thing more impressive than the world they've created is the fandom that.

Harry Potter fandom has such an enormous fanfiction community, with so many common plotlines, that it's difficult to keep count. Often tagged Independent Harry, Powerful Harry, or pureblood culture/society/politics (no one is sure what to call it), this genre sets up the theory that Dumbledore. An Official Fanfiction University or OFU is a type of fanfiction in which the fangirls and fanboys who write badfic for that particular fandom are rounded up to be taught better writing. This is usually done with the aid of Learning Through Pain.Fanfiction Universities are usually run by at least one coordinator, alongside the canon characters and whatever minis that belong to that fandom This is an index page for Tropes which are typical of Fanfics.Given that fanfiction probably was born only a few minutes after the creation of the first (really good) original story, these are likely among some of the oldest tropes in existence Which fandoms have your written fanfiction for? 6. List your OTP from each fandom you've been involved in. 7. List your NoTPs from each fandom you've been in. 8. How did you get involved in your latest fandom? 9. What are the best things about your current fandom? 10. Is there a fandom you read fic from but don't write in? Ship Questions for your Current Fandom. 11. Who is your current.

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The discourse surrounding the ship has been moderate at best in the years since One Direction began its hiatus in 2016, which feels like a relief after the fandom's most controversial days in. It also has therefore taken the status of the most popular Canon Pairing in the fandom, though Creek fics do not typically deal with their canonical relationship, often taking place in alternate universes or after periods apart. According to recent reports, on FanFiction.Net, most stories are dedicated to Style, followed by Creek, then Kyman. Fandom-Specific Plot: For some reason, fan fiction loves using those particular plots. Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls: If a work brings up fanfiction, it'll most likely fall into the romance genre, and the author(s) will be a girl. MST: A riffing of another fic, which takes the form of snarky comments inserted into the original text. Murderers Are Rapists: A criminal rapes their victim. @DCOMadicted23 Unrelated but did you check out my fanfiction? 0. DCOMadicted23 · 2/26/2021. I don't really feel like reading right now, Ima actually going back and forth between Fandom and writing Arabian Nights right now, so Ima kinda busy. 0. TDALy98 · 2/26/2021 @DCOMadicted23 I understand. And that sounds really cool. 0. Cabbage Man Fan · 2/26/2021. I see some Disney movies do tackle.

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THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE FANFICTION WORLD. Whitefoot&Tigerstripe • 13 March 2014 • User blog:Whitefoot&Tigerstripe. Comment Guys I need your help. I don't know if any of you watch supernatural but I do. and lately the fandom has come under attack. Tumblr users with SPN blogs are being bombarded with hate messages from anonymous users. several have been hospitalized after suicide attempts, though right now we aren't sure how many have actually died. last I heard it was about 3. that was yesterday morning To participate, the entry must be tagged the relevant #[fandom] tag (read more above). Only stories submitted before 26/08 @23:59 CET will be accepted. You can take part only with completed fanfiction. Your entry does not have to be exclusive, meaning it can be already uploaded somewhere else but has to be newly published on Sweek

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While fear-mongers denounce fanfiction and fandoms as unable to separate reality from fantasy, the most evident problems with fanfiction tend to stem from inter-community conflict. When communities come together to express their passion for something, there's bound to be a few impassioned disagreements. Great fissures can be created between fan creators. The emergence of the term wank. Supernatural: 10 Fanfiction Headcanons That Became Widely Accepted By The Fandom. Headcanons are things an individual believes about a series. Here are 10 of the wildest that everyone decided are probably about Supernatural. By Katie Hafner Published Jan 31, 2020. Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment. Anyone who has been on Tumblr in the last ten years has seen the wide range of Supernatural. Fanon and fan fiction are terms used to refer to fan canon and unofficial fiction written by fans. Harry Potter fan fiction is a way for fans of the series to explore themes and ideas that are not explored via the books by J. K. Rowling. However, in discussing the novels and films, care must be taken not to mistake fanon, and material within fan fiction, with official canon. 1 Individual. The Last Year | A Fanfiction. Chapter 1, Whispers and Whimpers. Hermione's POV . Me, Harry, and Ron walked onto the Hogwarts Express for our final year at Hogwarts, ''Hey, let's find Ginny and Luna.'' I said to the two boys, ''Fine.'' Ron huffed, he had been speaking formally to me ever since the 2nd battle of Hogwarts. I walked in front, shoving Ron out of the way. He.

The category Books contains the most popular fandom (Harry Potter) by number of stories, but the category Anime is much deeper, with multiple fandoms generating more stories. ABSTRACT With its roots dating to popular television shows of the 1960s such as Star Trek, fanfiction has blossomed into a pieces of fanfiction to be found on AO3 under the tag Star Trek: The Original Series, with over 3500 focusing on Kirk/Spock. The original series of Star Trek is often cited as being the start of media fandom, and the writing of Kirk/Spock has been viewed as the start of slash fiction, or piece Add new page. Consoles. Switc Here are some of the most active fandoms on the Internet. 1. Supernatural To be honest, I've never seen Supernatural, mostly because I'm slightly afraid of its fandom. They're.

Report Thread starter 4 years ago. #1. Hi all, I've been thinking about this recently. . . I'd definitely have to say it's the Sonic Fandom. 46 Seconds of Screaming from SammyClassicSonicFan - YouTube. BlackBulletV. 560 subscribers. Subscribe User blog:Thomperfan/Which one of my original fanfictions did you like the most | The Loud House Encyclopedia | Fandom

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Fandom isn't monolithic. Specifically, fandom has often been characterized as being split between curatorial (also called curative) and transformative fandom. The former is. Of nearly 30,000 James/Lily stories on Fanfiction.net, The Life and Times has the most favorites by site users. The fanfiction itself can be found here. [edit | edit source] Information [edit | edit source] Fandom: Harry Potter. Find the source here. Author: Jewels5 Language: English Genre: Drama/Adventure Era: Marauders Main characters: James Potter ; Lily Evans Rating: M Words: 613,762.

Marshall & Chase | Paw Patrol Relation Ship Wiki | FANDOMDoes the Outlander fandom have the sexiest fan artWhich of these Walking Dead pairings is the sexiestTobirama x Tatsuki (TobiTatsu) | Naruto oc couples WikiCharacters | Dink the little dinosaur Wiki | FANDOMSobek | Riordan Wiki | Fandom powered by WikiaThe Chairman | Toontown Fanon Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

Fanfiction Quick Links: By Fandom. Sentinel Fusions * Synopsis: In the 23rd century, humanity has spread across the quadrant, explored unknown worlds and helped build a federation of planets. The ancient legacy of sentinels and guides remains with them, even in an age defined by reaching for the furthest stars. As children of two worlds, Jayme and Spock share that legacy. Sentinel and. One of My biggest Fanfic Ideas that I've been brainstorming for my future WebComic Company is a 5YL Series for the Sly Cooper Franchise. Sly Cooper is criminally-underrated, and I want to eventually do for him what the Ink-Tank has done for Ben10. Here's some Early-Sketches I made to give you an Idea of what I'm thinking of Angst - Is to fanfic as milk is to cereal. Without it, it's just dry. LJ Icon - Conduit via which a woman expresses her hopes, fears, dreams, inner anxieties, and secret wishes, all in 100 x 100 pixels. The Very Secret Diaries - Only the most famous fanfic. Evar. Written A survey of 7,500 fic readers by Fansplaining showed some of the top favorites—including friends to lovers, slow burn, and bed-sharing. Coffee shop alternate universes.

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